AMI’s AutoAGENT EDI Manager automates the processing of all inbound and outbound EDI formatted data between you and your trading partners. AutoAGENT EDI Manager translates data for use with AMI’s AutoAGENT ERP Release Manager Module extending the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP.   Features include:

  • EDI Manager Transaction Set Capability 
    • 830 Material Release
    • 862 Shipping Schedules
    • 850 Purchase Orders
    • 861 Receiving Advices
    • 824 Application Advices
    • 820 Remittance Advices
    • 864 Text Document
    • 856 Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs)
    • And more ....
  • EDI Standards Supported
    • ANSIX.12
  • Automotive Supply Chain Capability
  • EDI manager meets Honda Specifications Over 160 Transaction Sets out-of-the-Box
  • Point and Click trading partner profile mapping
  • Error log alerts and corrective actions
  • XML Reporting
  • Web-Based accessibility. 

AMI and Microsoft Dynamics solutions seamlessly connect business systems throughout all departments with the best in class Microsoft Office personal productivity tools your people already know. This helps your finance team keep the money flowing through the system smoothly. It allows your operations team to work collaboratively and efficiently with one another and your supply chain partners. It also gives your sales and marketing team access to the information it needs to make each customer a repeat customer.

Bottom line—with AMI and Microsoft Dynamics solutions, your people are provided with the technology tools that they are comfortable with so they can work to their full potential.