Introducing AMI AutoAGENT ERP

AMI’s AutoAGENT ERP solution is a turnkey business process productivity solution for automotive and other repetitive manufacturers. AMI AutoAGENT ERP is the leading repetitive manufacturing solution completely integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics™ GP environment. By expanding Microsoft Dynamics GP capabilities, manufactures are delivered the most comprehensive role-based resource planning solution available. Work from one solution and one database to manage control, and track your manufacturing planning, production and shipping processes.

AMI AutoAGENT ERP enhances the flow of information throughout your company. As a result, the accuracy and the speed of your production is increased allowing you to do more with less. This translates into more profitable operations without sacrificing quality, delivery, or price. Here are just some of the benefits you will experience after implementing AMI AutoAGENT ERP:

  • Enhance your Team's productivity
  • Less data entry and errors
  • Gain transparency into your shop floor activities
  • Reduce operations costs
  • Achieve operational excellence by optimizing work flows

The AMI AutoAGENT ERP business solution is built on Microsoft .NET technology and is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. AMI AutoAGENT ERP works with best in class Microsoft Office productivity software, which means there is less of a learning curve for your team, so they can get up and running quickly and focus on what’s most important for your business.

With AMI AutoAGENT ERP, all of your company’s information is organized into one seamlessly integrated system. There is no need for re-keying of information by different departments and there is less need for manual paperwork. This greatly reduces the potential for errors.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) allow decision makers insight into what is going right or wrong within their demand production environment. AMI AutoAGENT ERP provides historical and real-time visibility into these indicators. Problems can be identified and adjustments can be made sooner rather than later, with confidence.

AMI AutoAGENT ERP monitors resource availability. As demand is generated, resources are automatically allocated. Production is given visibility to potential bottlenecks allowing for appropriate adjustments to scheduling. This creates greater efficiency while reducing downtime and overtime.

When a business management solution works the way your current technology works, it fits easily and seamlessly into your existing systems and helps you maximize your technology investment. Software that’s role-based and targeted around the specific jobs people do can provide tremendous value and insight because it: is familiar, helping reduce the time required to learn how to use it, and freeing up time to focus on what matters most.  AMI AutoAGENT ERP,

  • Fits with your systems, helping to maximize your investment in Microsoft technology.
  • Fuels your business productivity, automating your business-critical operations and adapting to fit into your type of business, helping to ensure the most relevant insight.
  • Helps enable confident decision making, providing you with more com- plete insight across your organization.