Selected IT Program Management Engagements

Ford Motor Company Achieves Increased Customer Loyalty and Revenue Opportunities through Dealer Network

Faced with declining market share, decreased warranty repair work and increased competition from aftermarket specialty shops, Ford Motor Company recognized that enhancing the customer service experience throughout their Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealer network would assist in increased customer loyalty and increased repeat revenue opportunities for their parts suppliers, dealer network and shareholders.

Focusing on the aftermarket tire business, Ford tasked AMI with developing a comprehensive program to manage transactions between global tire manufacturers, Ford Motor Company and the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers. Key to increasing competitiveness in this service area was the need to enhance cost savings in the procurement and electronic billing processes while enhancing the overall “Service Customer” experience. Ford also tasked AMI with program development for the management of marketing support and customer incentive transactions which developed as a result of this business focus.


Overall, AMI created a “Supplier Direct Ship” program for tire products which enabled the Ford Dealer network to purchase tires directly from tire manufacturers’ distributors. Key program solutions included:

IT application development and administration delivering:

  • Web solutions delivering product searches, product pricing, product visual aids, detailed product service information, order placement
  • Streamlined electronic billing management system between tire manufacturers, Ford Motor Company and its dealer network
  • Web based solutions for promotional pricing notification, reporting sales, capturing and processing dealer claims
  • Conversion solutions for ensuring compatible and compliant EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) data.

Program Headquarter development, staffing, and management providing:

  • Live assistance to consumers and dealership staff
  • Telemarketing & sales support
  • Billing reconciliation
  • Incentive verification and fulfillment


Ford Motor Company has received many benefits as a result of AMI’s engagement, including:

  • Reduced product pricing by leveraging group purchasing power
  • Service solutions for product warranty issues
  • Consistent, accurate and expedited invoice, billing, and payment processes
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Increased dealer service lane traffic resulting in increased revenue


With AMI’s involvement, Ford’s Volvo division increased consumer tire purchases within their dealer network by 72%.  AMI has helped several global organizations realize improved opportunity for cost savings and increased revenue with the data transaction management solutions developed for their specific program requirements. General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation are just a sample of organizations that have lowered their program costs and achieved increased revenue opportunity.

Mopar Service Excellence Program

Chrysler needed administration services for a new incentives program designed to promote increased vehicle inspections and incremental sales growth of routine maintenance parts and labor.  The administration would be all-encompassing; data feeds, data analysis, reporting, call center support and a website.  AMI was able to meet the need with our comprehensive, full service approach.  As an added benefit, AMI was able to utilize much of the existing staff from the tire program helping Chrysler achieve substantial savings.

After two years of service, inspections increased 21% for dealers enrolled in the program. 

AMI provided many levels of support through the Dealer Support Team, Special Projects personnel, Programming and Project Management.

The Dealer Support Team responsibilities comprised of answering dealer calls which include web navigation, rule explanation, reject explanation and research, password lookup, and researching data issues/discrepancies.

The Special Projects responsibility included sending and loading payment files, error files, confirmation files, troubleshooting, resetting errors and resubmitting rejected payments, submitting weekly data extract enrollments, working with third party to resolve data problems, finalizing dealer approval step for faxed enrollment forms, tracking missing/illegible enrollment information, creating and monitoring monthly enrollment billing files to Chrysler and tracking/reporting card deposits.

Programming included researching incoming data files to verify data discrepancies, monitoring the process to ensure proper performance, web and server maintenance, and database maintenance.

Project Management included Mopar Corporate personnel support for the program, verification rewards were properly being distributed, supporting data file issues, distributing reporting by product line, and assisting in reconciling dealer concerns.